Quick Start

Explains how to download and install the framework and see a sample application on your computer.


Reference Manual

Full documentation of the backdraft public application programming interface.

Interface-Compute White Paper

Interface-compute is a new design pattern that replaces model-view-controller and server-generated HTML resulting in a geometric decrease in the cost and complexity of application construction. Interface-compute is the design model that forms the foundation for the backdraft application framework.

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A complete manual that explains the backdraft framework in a conversational style.


bdLoad Tutorial

bdLoad is a CommonJS Modules/AsynchronousDefinition compliant script injection loader for use loading browser-based JavaScript applications. Its design places a high value on minimum size and maximum run-time and build-time configurability. This tutorial is intended for the loader consumer and describes how to use all loader features. The tutorial also includes additional information to help build the reader's intuition and mental model of how Modules/AsynchronousDefinition loaders work in general and the backdraft loader works in particular.


bdBuild Tutorial

bdBuild is a program that optimizes a browser-based application in order to improve the load-time performance of that application. At its core, bdBuild implements a simple but eligant engine that marshalls a set of resources through a set of gates, causing plugable, resource-dependent transforms to be applied as a prerequisite to passing each gate. Since new/different transforms are plugable, the functionality of the program can be easily extended. Further, the engine allows the transforms to be applied either synchronously or asynchronously. Employing asynchronous transforms for tasks such as reading and writing data results in extremely high performance. This article describes the motivation, design, and use of bdBuild.

Screen Casts
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Describes the motivation, goals, innovations, design, implementation and roadmap of the backdraft application framework.

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Getting Started

Shows how to install backdraft and write a first application.