You are currently looking at a Fossil repository, a distributed software configuration management (SCM) system that includes a distributed ticket system; it's the same software that's used to manage the highly popular SQLite project. The timeline, files, leaves, branches, tags, and tickets menu items at the top of this page allow you to navigate into the offical respository.

backdraft uses fossil for its ticket system. Anybody can file a ticket and you don't have to register or provide any personal information to use the ticket system. However, you do have to login to the system; you can do this anonymously. Simply navigate to the login menu item above and click the "Fill out captcha" button. From there you can fully navigate the repository, including adding a ticket; the tickets menu item enters the ticket system.

backdraft is also available on a Github mirror at You may also open a Github issue at that repository.

You can learn about Fossil at Here are the minimum steps required to clone backdraft with Fossil.