bdLoad and Dojo

During the fall of 2010, the backdraft project broke out the backdraft loader, "bdLoad", into a separate project as part of an effort to modify dojo and dijit to use an asynchronous loader. This work was accomplished under a temporary project named "dojo-sie" (that is, dojo, script-inject edition). dojo-sie was never intended to be a permanent project, and it was hoped that the effort would be absorbed into dojo's trunk.

We are happy to report this has become a reality. Thanks to the efforts of Kris Zyp, Ben Hockey, ALTOVISO's Rawld Gill, and other support from the entire dojo committer community, all dojo and dijit modules now comply with the CommonJS AMD specification. We would also like to point out that the two original browser-based asynchronous loaders, ALTOVISO's bdLoad (this project) and James Burke's RequireJS have evolved from unspecified programs to stable, well-specified, and compatible production software over the last six months. In addition to the implementation work done by Rawld and James, Kris Zyp has been instrumental in conceiving and moving ideas forward into formal CommonJS specifications.

dojo-sie status

The dojo-sie project had five goals:



Dojo version 1.6 and Asynchronous Loading

This article summaries Dojo's move to CommonJS ´╗┐Modules/AsynchronousDefinition(AMD)-compliant format which has started as of version 1.6.