bdLoad is a highly optimized Javascript module loader that implements the CommonJS asynchronous module definition specification and more

bdLoad places the highest value on minimum size, and built versions are typically less that 3.5K! bdLoad fully implements the CommonJS asynchronous module definition specification as well as a number of additional features not found in other loaders, including has.js integration, enhanced debugging support, and high configurability.


You can find specific information on using bdLoad with Dojo here.


All non-commercial support for this project is handled through the ticket system. If you have a question, find a bug, have patch, or want to request an enhancement, please open a new ticket. Please make an attempt to find an answer by utilizing the resources available on the documentation and demonstrations pages before filing a help ticket.

Commercial Support

Commercial support is available from ALTOVISO LLC. ALTOVISO also has the capability to construct custom (closed source) applications as per your particular requirements. You can contact ALTOVISO by dialing +1.866.398.9209 x700 (United States, Pacific Time) or by email at